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Biology Of The Gods - Text

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From the Heavens I have descended
From the wreckage I've come to emerge
I see before me the beasts of the universe
With me I bear the biology of the Gods
To transform this pathetic imperfection into my eternal slave.
The final journey into the infinite
Across the celestial void threw an endless abyss
A vessel with one final mission
To save our dying race from utter extinction
I, Master of the ancient craft
Conjurer of Illusion
I, The supreme being
God of the new world
Hell is where I will reign forever
My brothers and sisters lay breathless
by my hands alone
ceasing this vile procession
I will have nothing, nothing at all
Seeking the new light of salvation
I arise a pure entity
aeon of mankind's disarray
(from the darkness I emerge)
Worship! Honor! Glorify! Idolize!
ceasing this sick and vile procession
I will have nothing, nothing at all

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