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My stone heart it's impenetrable
Got your finger on the trigger and it's ready to pull
But with one hit you can turn it to glass
It's an addiction, this connection
Got me feeding for that
This toxic love were making
Can't help myself but take it
I know it's no good for me
But I'm hooked on what it could be
No need for second guesses
You're the answer, I'm the question
Why does it feel so good?
Try'na keep my heart intact
But as soon as we make contact
I hear you heartbeat feeding back
It's beginning of a relapse
And now I'm losing control
I feel it drop and I'm gone
It's obvious we both know
Don't you wanna relapse?
It's sending me right up into space
I'm levitating; it's amazing what you're doing to me
This chemistry here's out of control
You're the addiction but then you're the only antidote
Let's not get invested
Cos it's been tried and tested
I'm just looking for a relapse
Just relax, not try'na get it back
It's un and that's that
Don't you wanna relapse?

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