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One Step Behind - Text

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Oh no, I did it again
I'm right behind you
Don't turn around
Who knows what I'll do
I'm almost delirious
You got me pacing
I can't get no rest
I'm going crazy
Every single move you male
All the pretty things you say
Got me so infatuated
Steady I pursue this game
But how can I ever claim
The prize when you don't know we're playing
I'm always one step behind you
But you don't feel this like I do
I'm loving you like a shadow
I'm always one step behind you
I might need some help
You can't save me
I can't stop myself
From misbehaving
I keep watching you but you don't see me
Invisible or can you feel me?
If you get lost in a crowd
I'll find you
No need to shout
I'm right behind you

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