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Sad War (Mad World Parody) - Text

All around him are skeleton faces
Same old places, family faces
Getting ready for their daily chases
Going out there, going out there
Her shelves are full of empty glasses
No possessions, full depression
Goes ahead and walks out to the river
Bow and quiver, a bow and quiver
And he heard a person coming
She heard a skeleton
He turned the cliffside corner
and saw what he’d never had
An act that was forbidden
She took a step towards him
They both felt a connection
In a very, very sad war sad war
She’s been waiting for the day she’d find him
Find a best friend, Find a best friend
And they knew that what they did was outlawed
Was illegal, Was forbidden
But they thought that it was worth the danger
No one saw them, no one saw them
But one day the humans got suspicious
Followed her there, Followed her there
And they heard some people coming
They heard some skeletons
Around the cliffside corner
they saw what they’d never had
Two sides were full of hatred
they began the attack
They both were separated
In a very, very sad war sad war
Destroying the world
Sad war

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