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Strange Dog - Text

I was sitting on a bench,
when I saw a dog on a hill.
He looked very strange
and ran up against me.
I was very scared,
so I stood up and ran.
I ran like a bear
and he like a lion.
Run, run, run away,
he's catching up with you!
Run, run, run away,
he looks so strange!
Run, run, run away,
now he's got you,
Run, run, run away
and he is your king.
As soon as I was tired,
I stumbled and fell down.
He walked against me,
than sat down and licked my arm.
(chorus II:)
Don't run, run away,
he licked you.
Don't run, run away,
he wants to be your friend!
Don't run, run away,
now he loves you.
Don't run, run away,
now you are his king.

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