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At The Heart Of Darkness - Text

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Come on!
Into the Heart of Darkness
Into the evil domain!
Under the baleful moon
Among the dead!
Nothing to proove...
Nothing to regret...
Follow me through the titan woods
And across the frozen plains
Let us set sail into the night
And transcend beyond death
Through moonlight!
Beneath the lake of sorrow
Lies the forbidden land
A place of endless dolor
Bound forever to remain...
On the verge of sanity
At the Heart of Darkness...
Within the fortress of torment
Built by the delusive mind
Marked with bizarre malavolence
Where from the cursed world I hide
As above, so below, God is Man, Man is God
I am the World, Higher True Self,..
And so on, ad infinitum...
At the Heart of Darkness...
At the Heart of Darkness...
At the Heart...

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