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Against All Heresies - Text

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Overthrow the so-called knowledge
And cleanse your soul in fire
Deny the faith in false idols
Accept the baptism of blood
And say your last prayers!
"Oh Father, thou art above all things
Thou art greater than I
Reaching far from the infinite
As the Gospel testifies."
So be it, truly. Amen!
There is no God other than I
A hypostasis enslaved to die
Blinded by darkness, broken are
The mirrors of my soul...
So condemn me and crucify,
Enslave me and indoctrinize
(With teachings of the Light
Salvation - forever denied)
No, I reject the faith of Liars,
Morning Star, be my guide!
With flesh and blood I shall
Inherit the kingdom of God
As above, so below!

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