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Riding solo
Riding dolo
Use the .44
Tinted windows
Or they runnin' the dough
We ain't stunting, though
No tony romo though ?
[Verse 1]
You pelican fly?
You bet I could fly
You better get high, shit
You better get by
Yous a fuck boy
You bet it could die
Yous a worker, too
You better decide
I say let's go, and they ready to ride
I hop out the cut naked, the TEC is inside
And new veces inside, yeah let's aim to the side
And if they inside, acting a mess, we'll leave messes inside
What ya talking about? Nigga, this the slaughterhouse
I mean the [?], big B [?]
What ya talking about? Nigga, this the slaughterhouse
I mean the Carter house?, big [?]
[Hook x4]
Drop bars on any nigga shit
Nigga suck my dick, eat my bitch clit, yeah!
[Verse 2]
I'm a big dog, she my dream girl
Let's leave Earth, and go to Thug's World
Come back? No we ain't coming back
Cause she gave me head at the week, I finna she got her cum back
So she stuck with me, like a thumbtack
And I'm following her, like she got her taxes
Smoking weed with P, I call him Wiz
Yeah, school of hard, not flow I call it quiz
This rap shit's my biz
You can miss school with this
Or mix kush with raps
And I get high of that
I'm yelling "Bye!" of that
Bitch, I'm in the air
And I'm not coming back down there (there)
[Hook x8]

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