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Ball On Yall ft. Capo Kam & Skypad War - Text

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[Intro: Skypadwar]
Hey, I'm a product, you can order me
It's Aldermore, Gucci, and Louie V
Them hoes used to throw up, now them bitches swallow
I used to drink shots, now it's out the bottle
[Hook: Young Thug]
I remember when I used to call on y'all
Now get out of line, and I call on y'all
If I ever ball, I'll ball on y'all
It's like referees with us, how we ball on y'all
[Verse 1: Skypadwar]
I'm bossed up, rolling when I cop the coupe
And open up they eyes when I drop the roof
I ain't Rick Ross, but I'm a fucking boss
I told her she could ride if she gave me mouth
But she gotta hurry up, cause we heading South
And she gotta do Thug if I switch the route
They say [?] cause the chopped with my Louie bag
But when I'm rich, I take my Gucci out my Louie bag
New boss now I'm out, veto
I'm transferring money from my [?]
New house, so I'm looking through the peep hole
Cause they [?] with the kilo
[Hook: Young Thug]
[Verse 2: Young Thug]
No homo, but we balls on y'all
I fell to the sky, call it a skyfall
No, we do not fall, we a nut y'all
We go the hardest, ROC crew smartest
New condo, I can see [?] started
And I'm in the [?] with the green, no Rick Marvin
Now I got to work for the fiends, no more starvin', no more starvin, Marvin
I'm riding this beat like it's taking me to a [?]
And they gonna take me to prison, cause I made a killing
10 racks on me, my whole money, no written
And if you try to take it, you'll be left with no ceilings
Shoot him in the chest several times, that no [?]
Shoot the fuck [?] I'm still no [?]
If he fuck up with the money, no more dealings
Still fuck with white boy, shouts out to Willie
Your bitch in the condo sucking on all us (all us)
She'll be sucking on all
She's an alligator, she's just sucking on all us
(And what if we skeet?)
So just swallow this dick
[Hook: Young Thug]
[Verse 3: Capokam]
Okay, now $100,000 in a rubberband
And fuck them haters, they ain't shit, cause they ain't got a plan
I got a vision for the paper, y'all just think I'm playing
Like bitches, and what you see, bitch y'all ain't see Cam
[Hook: Young Thug]
[Verse 4: Capokam]
Straight off the top, I can name niggas that are really bitches
But Corey got the beat running, so no time for snitches
Now that I'm on, I can get you all off like light switches
Now I ain't switching, I'm just telling you how it is
Most of my niggas died, but they never got to live
I do this shit for us, let's go
[Hook: Young Thug]
[Outro: Young Thug]
And I remember when I used to call on y'all
[?] out of line, and I call on y'all
I ever fall, I fall on y'all
I'm so straight, I'm gonna follow y'all (x3)
I remember when I used to call on y'all
And them so straight, I'm gonna ball on y'all
We out

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