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Open up the highway the blacktop's calling me
Needles pushing to the red - set me free
Gleaming chrome and leather, gonna hit the road
Angels fly at midnight - the biker code
There's no finer thrill than our twin wheels burning
Blazing a trail 'til the dawn
There's only two things that this biker's yearning
Moon on the rise, my Harley to ride - with the wind
Ride! Ride! Riding with the wind
Yeah yeah - I wanna ride!
Ride! Ride! Riding with the wind
Out into the distance, the moon will light my way
Eating up the highway - break of day
Revving on the redline, goin' off the scale
Heading for a hairpin - on the edge
Let's begin!
My life flashes before me, I'm flying through the air
The ground rushes towards me, but I don't even care
I lived to ride the highways, I've gambled and I've sinned
I had to do it my way, and now I'll ride the wind
I wanna ride
Riding with the wind
Twin wheels burning
Riding with the wind
Mm, got that yearning, yeah

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