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I love the feeling when we lift off
Watching the world so small below
I love the dreaming when I think of
The safety in the clouds out my window
I wonder what keeps us so high up
Could there be a love beneath these wings
If we suddenly fall should I scream out
Or keep very quiet and cling to my mouth as I’m crying
So frightened of dying
Relax, yes, I’m trying
But fear's got a hold on me
Yes, this fear's got a hold on me
I love the quiet of the nighttime
When the sun is drowned in the deathly sea
I can feel my heart beating as I speed from
The sense of time catching up with me
The sky's set out like a pathway
But who decides which route we take
As people drift into a dreamworld
I close my eyes as my hands shake
And when I see a new day
Who’s driving this anyway
I picture my own grave,
'cause fear's got a hold on me
Yes, this fear's got a hold on me
Floating neither up or down
I wonder when I’ll hit the ground
Will the earth beneath my body shake
And cast your sleeping hearts awake
Could it tremble stars from moonlit skies
Could it drag a tear from your cold eyes
I live on the right side, I sleep in the left
That’s why everything’s got to be love or death
Yes, this fear's got a hold on me

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