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WWelcome to Night Vale - Texte

Video Übersetzung Karaoke
01 - These And More Than These by Joseph Fink video
02 - The Bus Is Late by Satellite High video
03 - Bill and Annie by Chuck Brodsky video
04 - Closer by The Tiny video
05 - Jerusalem by Dan Bern video
06 - Aye by Dio video
07 - Despite What You've Been Told by Two Gallants video
08 - This Too Shall Pass by Danny Schmidt video
09 - Last Song by Jason Webley video
10 - i Know This by Rachel Kann video
11 - Cigarette Burns Forever by Adam Green video
12 - Of A Friday Night by Anais Mitchell video
13 - You Don't Know by Mount Moon video
14 - Invocation of the Duke by daKAH Hip Hop Orchestra video
15 - A Little Irony by Tom Milsom video
16 - Those Days are Gone & My Heart is Breaking by Barton Caroll video
17 - Neptune's Jewels by Mystic video
18 - Jews for Jesus Blues by Clem Snide video
19A - Eliezer's Waltz by The Ventura Klezmer Band video
19B - Eliezer's Waltz by Disparition video
20 - Get Me Home by Robin Aigner video
21 - Sni Bong by Dengue Fever video
22 - Winifred by Seth Boyer video
23 - Too Much Time by John Vanderslice video
24 - Biblical Violence by Hella video
25 - Sunday Morning Stasis by Joseph Fink video
26 - Long Gone by Mary Epworth video
27 - Team the Best Team by Doomtree video
28 - You & I Belong by Simone Felice video
29 - Poor In Love by Destroyer video
30 - The Lethal Temptress by The Mendoza Line video
31 - Never Be Famous by Hussalonia video
32 - Palabras De Papel by Nelson Poblete video
33 - Big Houses by Squalloscope video
34 - Having Fun by Tom Milsom video
35 - Mijn Manier by Brainpower video
37 - Absentee by Jack Campbell video
39 - Penn Station by The Felice Brothers video
40 - Offering by Black City Lights video
41 - What Have They Done To You Now by Daniel Knox video
42 - Keep It Coming by Senim Silla video
43 - Cover Me Up by Jason Isbell video
44 - Haunted by Maya Kern video
45 - Pretty Little Head by Eliza Rickman video
46 - Take Up Your Spade by Sara Watkins video
47 - Stupid by Brendan Maclean video
48 - High Tide Rising by Fox video
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Video Übersetzung Karaoke
A Ballad of Fiedler and Mundt (WTNV Opening Theme) video
Nieuwe Utrecht (WTNV intro/outro background music) video
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