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KVybz Kartel - Texte

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Clarks video
One Man video
Slow Motion video
Thank You Jah video
Summer time video
Love Dem
She Holding On video
Gal A Weh Do You video
Dollar Sign video
12 Gauge video
4 Star video
Baby Father video
Baby Let's Go
Bad Reputation video
Ball Fi Bun video
Beg You A Fuck video
Bring It To Me video
Calabria Remix video
Come Tek Cocky video
Dancehall Hero
Dandy Shandy video
Dem A No Gangster video
Dem Bwoy Ah Baby video
Dem Nuh Like Wi video
Dirty Diana (Dutty Angela Remix) video
Domestic Affair 2nd Chapter video
Don't Run (Last Man Standing) video
Duggu Duggu video
Dumpa Truck video
Dutty Wine video
Faggot Correction video
Fling It Pon Di Left
Foot Pan Shoulder video
Four Seasons video
Freaky Gal Pt. 2
Gal A Weh Mi Duh Yuh video
Gaza Christmas video
Gaza Commandments video
Gaza Nuh Bore Tongue video
Get Gal Anywhere video
Give Thanks
Grab Up Yuh Crotches video
Haffi Bleed video
Haffi Come Back video
High Altitude video
Hop Off video
Horny And Proud video
How Yuh Proud
I'm Missing You Alot video
Inna Sky video
It Tight Eeh
Just Wine video
Kartel Reveal It video
Kill Dem All & Done video
Killing Street video
Know Bout Me video
Kuff Kaff Kweff video
Life Sweet Remix video
Like A Jockey video
Like Christmas video
Lolli Pop Riddim Nuh Lick video
Mi Nah
Mi Talk With Gun Shot video
Million By A Morning video
Mofraudo video
Money On Scale video
Money Over War video
Money Pon Mi Mind video
Money Tree video
More Pussy Fi Di Money
Move Ya Body video
My Everything
My Mama video
My Scheme video
My Senorita video
Nah Climb video
Nah Hold We Down video
Nah Lef video
Never Love Another video
Never See A Gyal Weh Mi Love So Much video
Never Turn A Raper video
No Dutty Panty video
No Man
No Milkshake video
No Wild Grain video
Nuh Badda Try video
Nuh Batty Ting video
Nuh Fraid video
Nuh Permission video
Nuh War Wid Knife video
On And On video
Picture Me And You video
Poor People Land video
Proper English video
Say Weh Yuh Feel Fi Say video
School Anthem video
School Bus video
See A Man U Want video
Send A Hell video
Send Fi Di Magazine video
Send Fi Mi Army video
Sex & The City video
She Kno Fi video
Yuh Whine Have Value video
Your Pussy Tight video
You And Him Fuck
Wine Yuh Body video
Wine Up Yuh Body video
Wine Pon Yuh video
Why You Doing It (Part 2) video
Whine Fi Me video
When Since video
Weh Di Gal video
Weh Dem Feel Like video
Weh Dat Fah video
Warn Dem Counteraction video
Visa video
Tun Up The Fuck video
Trailer Load A Money
Too Fucky Fucky video
Toilet Paper Bownty video
Tightest Punnany video
Tic, Toc video
The Lyricist video
Ten Stage A Evil video
Tell Him A Lie
Teenage Pregnancy video
Take Me Life
Swear To Jah video
Sumaddy Affi Bawl video
Stress Free video
Street Vybz Rum video
Straight Jeans & Fitted video
Stop video
Squeeze video
Song Writer video
Smoking Every Day video
She Tell Me video
She So Pretty video
Back To Life video
Weed Smokers video
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Video Übersetzung Karaoke
Yuh Love video
Jamaica video
Go Go Wine video
Mi Remember
Half On A Baby video
Beautiful Girl video
Breathless video
Fresh video
My Crew video
Push It In video
Wine Pon Me video
Freestyle video
Ghetto Youth video
Laugh & Shot Dem video
Pop It Off
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Video Übersetzung Karaoke
Romping Shop video
Broken Cry video
Can't Frame Me video
For Love
Get Wild video
Love At First Sight video
Like A Movie video
The World Turns video
You A My Baby video
Life We Living video karaoke
Versitility video
Video Recorder video
Struggle video
Tear Drops video
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Video Übersetzung Karaoke
Bicycle video
You A Me Baby video
Love Dem / Gallis Anthem
Gal A Weh Me Do You video
Nah Let Go video
Can't Get Over Me video
Mr. Officer video
Dollar Sign / Hustle The Money video
Go Go Club
Story Of My Life video
Gwaan So video
Gaza Ting A Ling video
Virginity video
Come Breed Me video
Mother On Law video
Nuh Fraid A Nobody / Neva Scared video
Without My Own video
Last Man Standing video
Carefull video
Marie video
Mamma video
Life sweet video karaoke
Wah Some Grades video
You Can't Say video
Come Back Home video
Super Star video
Million Dollar By A Morning video
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Video Übersetzung Karaoke
Addi Addi Addi video
Buss My Gun video
Solomonic Chronic video
Life Story video
Broad Daylight video
Tightest Punani video
Work Out video
Money Fi Spend video
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Video Übersetzung Karaoke
U Nuh Have A Phone (Hello Moto)
So Me A Say video
Vybsy Versa Love video
Car Man video
Smuggler video
Gun Session
Higher Altitude video
Dutty Landlord video
Realest Thing video
I Neva video
Little Miss video
Rough Sex video
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Video Übersetzung Karaoke
Picture This video
Tekk Buddy Gal video
Breast Specialist video
Real Bad Man
Sweet To The Belly video
Badda Dan Dem video
Badman Party video
Tattoo video
Good Inna Clothes video
Kartel & Kardinal video
Sen On video
Di Way We Roll video
Badman Nah video
New Millennium video
Robbery video
Why You Doing It video
Start Well video
Pussy Jaw video
A.K.A. video
Who Knows video
Why Again video
Buss It Off video
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