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Born from the shadow
Tempted by the faceless moon
In search of truth
With heavy breath, I light the gloom
The times are changing,
A cult of chaos rips the skies
With rage I ride into the dark
The daylight dies
Tears break endless
Pray for silence, for touch of dawn
Old scars are painless but they never heal I know
Destroyed in black raging fire
Fallen from grace, hear me crying
Enslaved or honored
Look back, stand up and take heed
Saint or sinner
Under the influence of lust and greed
Carved in black stone
Runes and prayers of ancient lord
Draw them on the body
Resurrection, you are reborn
Flying dance of planets
I see stars fall, ethereal skies
My final words will be for you, good-bye

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Imaginations on the Subject of Infinity