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One Of Us - Text

Verse 1:
They passed me by
All of those great romances
You were, I felt robbing me
Of my rightful chances
My picture clear
Everything seems so easy
And so, I dealt you the blow
One of us had to go
Now its different
I want you to know

One of us is crying
One of us is lying in her lonely bed
Staring at the ceiling
Wishing she was somewhere else instead
(One of us is crying, feel the love is dying)
One of us is lonely
One of us is only waiting for a call
Sorry for herself feeling stupid feeling small
Wishing she had never left at all

Verse 2:
I saw myself
As a concealed attraction
I felt you kept me away
From the heat and the action
Just like a child
Stubborn and misconceiving
Thats how I started the show
One of us had to go
Now Ive changed and
I want you to know


oh no…
ho no…
yeah yeah…


Never left at all

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Here We Go

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