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This soul roams this earth, since long time before the dawn of men
It possesses infinite wisdom, but is cursed to witness the eternal backwardness of mankind
Reborn, death after death, time after time
It does not know hope nor joy
The sole sentiment left is resentment towards men
What one could perceive as pure evil, can be redeeming for the other...
The essence of its existence, Its only purpose
is to erase all traces of human stupidity
To break this circle of life
To see the rebirth of a glorious kind
The Wolf that hunts the Sun - The Wolf that hunts the Moon
The Shadows behind the Light - The undefied God of Night
It feeds on its contempt towards the herd
Despises all that is weak
This pure spirit of the Beast will see this world freed of utter ignorance
The new dawn will be glorious
The wolves back in their chains
The torches besides the throne are lit
All life will serve under its eternal reign
All Hail!

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