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When I crossed the line
The other side was just like in my mind
And now we're here
Oh we're the strangers now.
And I'm sure
They don't like us hangin around
Yeah if it's just like I remember
lotsa people got the temper
round here.
Let's go down the road
Where the dead river goes
We can not swim it out.
And I swear I heard
This is where the tall girl sleeps
And if it's just like in my vision
It's a place I've seen before.
And there's no rest
unless we find her here.
You were lost
and ever tall
and did you collect the stars?
You're not alone
Not anymore
It's probable that we're meant here.
The day I came here to take you
Oh you burst into air.
I was at the drum
I heard the harp raining over
Pouring life with no order.
The sun was settled
I forget where we went
but no matter
All concerns be shattered.
Written by Ryan Egan.

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Visions of Tall Girl EP