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You thought you were the master of your life.
You thought you had it all worked out.
But times have changed and days don't seem
So Sweet.
Don't let the floor drop out from your world
The lights go on and the story seems so old,
You've seen this on T.V. so many times.
But now you are the actor living out the role,
There's no cameras there, no script to keep
the hero whole..
You are the actor
The lights upon the stage,
You are the actor
The encores never came
And when your brothers lie in pieces on the ground,
You shed your tears, say you didn't realise.
And when the righeous pin the medals
On your shirt,
Do you think that god will shake your head?
You are the actor,
The curtains never closed,
You are the actor,
The story's never told
You are the actor
You're living on the role
You are the actor -

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