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The day I came to town
You could see the look in my eye
Some thought I was a demon
Some said it made them want to cry
The way I looked at you
A practiced smile against the grain
I blame all those crazy years
This kid has finally gone insane
Am I drowning cos' I can't breathe
Was I so blind, I couldn't see
Should I slow down can you taste the greed
Cos' I feel the need... the need for speed
The trust you put in me
Has all but gone fade to grey
The word amongst the righteous
"His souls no good" they all would say
I'm an angel for the devil
I'm the saint of all things fast
Try an follow me, your leader
I'll take you to a higher mast
I'll live the way to choose
The curious ask question why
Flying high amongst the clouds
The need, the need for speed
I feel the need
I feel the need
The need for speed
Need for speed

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