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She, waits for him - Prays for him
To call again
He, a foolish man - Without a plain
Has lost his way
She knows the way - The game to play
The way to win
Silently he can't see - It's gonna be
His greatest sin
Oh! You never though you could let her go
Oh! Beware you do there's something more you should know
You never see it coming - It comes out of the blue
You hit the ground - She'll break your heart in two
Suddenly it's over - Can't believe (It's true) (You're thru)
She is with another - She breaks your heart in two
He walks alone, leaving home without a care
She dims the lights, pours the wine combs her hair
He knows the way, he's been before, he's wanting more
Silently she can't see, what will be is what will be

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