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Edge of the World - Text

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I've walked these deserted lands I've come so far
Through empty streets under abandoned stars
All the oceans have dried and gone
There's no one, nothing's left I don't where I belong
I'm standing at the edge of the world
Looking out from the edge of the world
There's nothing left beyond the edge of the world
Just one more step and I'll be forever falling
I shed a tear for my fellow men
Just like me they sacrificed their souls
We saw things we'd never seen before
The day of reckoning had come to take us all
The gates of hades stand before me now
This raging hell before my very eyes
The howling terrifies my mind, my soul
There's no escape from this place
This very place that I despise
A shroud of darkness as the light slowly fades
When I return this earth will burn
Till the end of days
The edge of the world
The edge of the world

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