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Just another summer day
In the city of Pompeii
Skies will burn
A column of smoke growing faster
Skies will burn
No one foresaw the disaster
Birds and seagulls flew away
This is my town I will stay
Skies will burn
Earth shook and roared like a thunder
Skies will burn
The mountain spat all his anger
Fire is rising
Right from the entrails of the earth
Fire is rising
The town is under a cloak of death
Pompeii your days have come to an end
All your splendour and grandeur
Under the ruins will remain
Curse of Volcano, repent of your sins
Women and children will burn as they scream
God of fire high is the price
Pay him tribute with your sacrifice
Clouds of smoke climbed to the sky
Bay of Naples’ in the dark
A looming silence just before the cries
Darkness filled the summer light
And the day became the night
Few would sail away to save their lifes
Roman fleet can not resist
The power of this enemy
This titan they will not defeat
There’s no future, there’s no hope
Once the god Vulcan awoke
We will pass away this fateful day
Late to run, late to hide
A firestorm came from the sky
There’s nothing we can do
Final breath, cling to life
But there’s no chances to survive
The end is coming soon
Say goodbye embrace your sons
You will die and turn to stone
Rise your hands and pray your god
Nature power can’t be fought
Rain of ash, molten rock
Petrified forevermore
And Pompeii will be just history

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