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Spewing filth onto mankind.
Oh god please send me into the fire.
Tormented minds crowding around your voice.
Guide their hands, sever their tongues, watch them bleed from their eyes.
Hollow, their minds held captive.
Legions of mindless fucking swine, purged of consciousness.
Deceit and prayer; fodder for the mindless.
The enthralled. The deceived. The bearers of this ever-burning cross.
You are a prophet for malevolence embodiment.
Your reverence, your holiness, is all in vain.
So, stand tall with legions of skeletons.
Hollow men! And sever their tongues to rejoice in the pain.
The piles of rotting skin, lining the streets you paved for him.
Defile the very core of what makes man a fucking human.
Burn. One by one. This world you've made will turn to ash.
Casting the black sheep into the towers of flame that you designed.
Watching the mountains of bodies grow taller, of those who reject your lies.
Your word crashes against all like an iron fist.
Your will kill, your will to punish the weak.
This world you've made will turn to ash.
"Feral creatures of evil, tainted souls.
Arise! Bare witness to my legions I've gathered to breach through the walls of thine hive.
Arise! I call from the depths of despair, can thou feel thine demise?
Arise! A warcry as we push forth from the pits of Hades."

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