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Demon In Veins - Text

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I feel so empty inside myself
a feeling so insecure
caught in the circle of addiction
a silent scream is piercing
you need to kill the pain
piercing through you vien
Sharing feelings that are not genuine
the false impression is fooling you my friend
I hope you haven't gone to deep
deep into the hole of drugs
Blood flows in poisoned veins
the veins it once flowed blood without a trance of sickness
now it's time to let the demon out of it's cage
let it breath freely for the final fime
and then crush.....yeah! crush it!
Demon! [7 times]
demon in veins!
Screaming, screaming for loudness in the hightest divisions
you're loosing your mind as you suddenly go blind!
like an addiction it feeds your foolish need
I can't believe you're so goddamm blind
wake up! And smell my fucking kind!
Demon! [7 times]
demon in veins!
You feel so empty inside yourself
a feeling you no longer feel
spinning between life and death
soon to become unreal!
Demon! [7 times]
demon in veins!

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