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Who's Side - Text

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[Verse 1:]
I'm on your side, that's what you told me
I'm your boy Side, you pop off you know I'm gonna ride
Can't leave my dog hanging I got more pride
When they wander off I still be there like a fall guy
I'm on your side, side of the righteous
Keep my circle tight, there ain't too many of em like us
Trying to backbite us and spite us
I learned the ones who sit up in the front, they ain't always the brightest
I'm on the right side, the opposite of left
The underdog side he probably rocking it the best
He got more passion you can hear in every breath
And more pain it's like God ordained his death
I'm on your side, no need to explain
All I know he smacked you and he called you out your name
Now that's enough reason for me to get the flame
And light his ass up just so he can feel your pain
When life be trying to punk you and bully you
Pushing and pulling you, straight up doing you
Make wrong decisions around here it could ruin you
Break your ass down, what you want dude? (Whose side you on?)
And I ain't saying nothing that ain't already been said
See I learn as I go and I put it in my flow
I don't know who do the most harm I guess
Enemies with worse intentions or friends with best (Whose side you on?)
[Verse 2:]
I'm on the east side, I got a text from my homie on the west side
Told me you the best Side
He said what up then he threw up the dove
Then he turned it sideways for the east coast, now that's love
I'm on the winners side, never with the losers
Always on the sellers side, never with the users
Them buyers, I'm biased, the fame I don't want it
Cause I know I can make more money off the mic than on it
I'm on the side of the bullet with two dice
Trying to provide for a son and his daughter and baby moms
Doing what he has to do not what he gotta do
There's a big difference there, I ain't gotta lie to you
I'm on the Snowgoons side word born
Cause they looked out and helped a lot of indie cats get on
Brought us overseas, even put us on some tours
Peace to Reef and the homie Stress for opening the doors
[Verse 3:]
I ain't on nobody's side, I'm impartial
I been it, I ain't in it, seen that shit between y'all two
And I ain't about to stand here listening to y'all argue
Going back and forth just like a tennis ball do
That's a good question, I don't even know
I could change up on you same way the wind blows
One minute Democrat, next minute Republican
Today I'm a conscious cat, tomorrow I'm a thug again
She on my side so don't even try it
Tell her you my side jawn she ain't even gonna buy it
Tell her we was at the Hyatt I'm just gonna deny it
I'm married not buried just keep your ass quiet
When them ghouls pulled out mega pistols
Hope you understand clearly like twelve megapixels
If you don't want a war and you wanna make it home
Better pick your battles wisely when they ask
(Whose side you on?)

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