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No need to speak my name defined with you
Not in every instance just depending on the situ-
-ation cause them haters always scheming how to get ya
Not the ones we think, I'm talking about those hanging with ya
Smile in your face and they turn around and diss ya
Wonder if you died would they really even miss ya
Those the ones to watch cause they close enough to get ya
That's why my inner-circle's filled with heads I trust my life to
The chosen few, we walk as one
We stay ready for action until the job is done
Now word is born, show em how the west is won
[? ] stay hot like we walk on the sun
We usually calm, problems start fuck it it's on
But it's time for revolution's what we usually on
So we fight for the solution when confusion is wrong
Trying to get some restitution through the words of these songs
Right across the way I see a middle aged crisis
The eye in my raps that's pre-occupied with niceness
[? ] for now choose to drive without a license
I blow at attempts to oppose half the vices
The price you choose you're too righteous to lose
When the light is confused from a ground night of booze
I might just peruse and then cruise
For the souls of my [? ] better crews and the losers fucking lose
The dude gets a clue from a lost family crew
Like a vice grip my dudes stay aware, raise the right fist
I spar with a shadow in the likeness
A battle where it's will against might like a clash amongst the Titans
Reap what we sow when it ripen
[? ] on your properties we owe all the farmheads [? ]
I liken the cycle despite cats is spiteful
I might pull the def jux like Cage, Vast, and Vordul

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Black snow