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I put a spell on you
I had a dream
And're mine
That this business cast a spell on everybody
You can't stop the things I do
So that we didn't know what we were listening to or doing. We just did it like zombies but...
Fuck a rap crew, I'm solo because I choose to
Who you? Rearrange your whole state, voodoo
Mind flew over the cuckoo when I came through
Out the womb that my mama raised me in
I grow into a fine specimen, a lady reckoning
A new flow, you're messing with the fem fatale
Getting loud, pseudo
Fell from the north coast where most don't go though
Quote me, I got a couple followers like Frodo
I know though, you wanna get close so take a photo
I'm global
I'm moving real time while y'all slow mo
I'm overseas getting these euros fuck promo
You're rocking these lines like they yours but they not though
I got no patience for waiting, I want it pronto
You cast a spell on kids like Willy Wonka
I thought the
Point of this life was pointless till I sat down and focused, wrote this
In a dream then I woke up
"Step up and try to get some, won't get outdone"
"Claim on fame but niggas bust the same"
"Spell on you"
"Step up and try to get some, won't get outdone"
"It's better yet on they run don't do the [?]"
"Step up and try to get some, won't get outdone"
"Claim on fame but niggas bust the same"
"Step up and try to get some, won't get outdone"
"Fuck off my back black, nigga fuck that" - Black Moon 'How Many MC's"
The biz cast a spell, it's well done who it is
It's me they cop now watch me rock with the kid
I fought my way but at the top she's a bitch
What magical powers will make you switch like this?
What symbol of a slave on the wrist like Prince
With money in the bank but your soul's heartless
You backstage diva but your rhymes don't fit
That shit will get played real quick
Yep, I know a few of y'all that know what I mean
Yeah, I know the rest of you is chasing the green
Yeah, I know that some of y'all are caught in-between
A rock and a dream, the truth of the scheme of what it could be but
I got a spell, bound a tale of my own so
Even if I don't pay rent I'm still global
Even if I don't blow I still made my mark on the game
Broke the spell while y'all cats stayed local

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