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"Every day is just an extension of yesterday, a hassle
And getting out of bed in the morning is like slow suicide
Because he knows just what's going down"
Agony and anguish, body count nameless
Gangsters, niggers in the east coast, shameless
Now move mostly, cops watch closely
Years in the making and it’s not how it's supposed to be
Used to be a curfew, used to have truancy
Now kids are rude, different colour is the enemy
Older cats scared cause they show no fear
Lack of respect and taking over spots is clear
In the news, few details of the crime scene
Death is the outcome for innocent teens
Any bystander, blocks have cameras
Have second thoughts, when you're brandishing the hammer
It’s not a movie when your head’s up, shake down, faced with the toolie
Cash it up for revival in this warfare every block is survival
Realise it’s the stars and stripes operating crime legalized
All day every day, in the USA
Black president, educated North Cak residents
Exposed hidden agendas and lies are evident
Got us representing causes I don’t want no part of
Bush is like Nino and we living in The Carter
A lost soul, wonder where the gospel is
Cause the government got us like hostages
And the kids don’t read, being smart ain’t cool
But some 10 year old’ll come through and shoot up your school
Banks is collapsing, gas is berserk shit; I spend half of my money going back and forth to work
So after 8 years of Bush killing the earth, hell yeah I’ll vote Obama for whatever it’s worth
Government officials neglect the poverty and serve the wealthy
While chicks work the pole unhealthy
Welfare recipients, laid off work
Claim child support and living off family first
Damn El, this ain’t how it's supposed to be
We eating black cheese and fruits, stamp groceries
All these home forced closed and these jobs laid off
A wall street seven hundred billion debt paid off
Wish to be college-bound on a scholarship
Pop dudes strung out and your moms won’t acknowledge it
Prison bars just more than sixteen
Life bid, full term, for erasing a dream
Don’t be confused by the shit they put on the tube
And the New York Post and the damn Fox News
It’s the blood of the Indians and the chains of the slaves that made the;
“land of the free, and the home of the brave”
"I would gladly lay myself down
If only to see, one me set free;
From castration
From alienation
From regimentation
From the dehumanization
From americanization"

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