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Still Got The Ammo - Text

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Straight from the under, I make niggas wonder why... (x2)
I got a hotter steez, drive with exotic keys
It's not an ease, bless niggas like they got to sneeze
Connect, bless me with a lot of trees
Now I can plot a freeze, go with the wind when I spot a breeze
From fake necklaces to bootleg Timb sales
We all about the Malachi Z. York and stem cells
And won't hesitate to let the trigger blow
Cause all of my seeds just make a bigger flow
I like the time, and repent for a lying sin
Leviathan, the higher pen, I write words to violins
Cash to stack a van, up against the cracker plan
The blacker man still got the ammo like Pakistan
Nice goal, hit the city and dice roll
And slice holes, like Lombardi at the Ice Bowl
Hit with the wham-o, three soldiers coming in camo
What up fam-o, you know we still got the ammo
Man the ship, with ammo and command the grip
Staying equipped, moving hand to hand to flip
Land and dip, with ammo I'm the man that trip
Plan to rip the tongue is like a gun with a banana clip
Blows like a fire arm, and they got on safety
Play my cards right, God's right, something like AC
Understudy of the pawn's rock, kins and the Jay-z's
Niggas hate me, take three, try to stop me
Fold each and every one of you, origami
Shit on every track I'm on, port-a-potty
War with papi, verbally I'm all tsunami
Rain on 'em every time, for pass the cloudy
Open sixteen I'm aim like an orange with hobby
The porch of army, iller man handle the scandal
Still got ammo, your panel now fall into shambles
Hang low, get cancelled like the WB
Hungry to eat, hustle to breath, you ain't fucking with me
Simple math I divide a couple hundred MC's
(M.O.P. Sample: Not your average...) with bricks and lyrics
Aim specific, we got more shots than a biscuit
Target on scope, slip through the darkness in trees
Peep the hardest indeed, make every goddess devi
My clip full of ammo, magazines come in threes
Boot strap, new rap, simmer army fatigues
Brave years of hardships, now I make that hard shit
Mosh pit, marksman, gun blast regardless
Corner the market and set if off like Frankie
Cause these niggas is ass, and y'all want to thank me
Mainly I boast for the shit that I stand for
Allegiance is completed when y'all hittin' the dance floor
I never lose sight, shotta that's too nice
Have more than two fights when they was hogging the mike
Modeling type, my looks succeed, would you imagine
Mid 30's my nigga, and still make it happen
I hate the past tense, so bye for now
With Snowgoons, J. Sands, Main Flow show you how
Straight from the under, I make niggas wonder why
My parabellum be swelling, cerebellums when ya dwelling
Straight from the under, I make niggas wonder why
The caucazoid, you void, my niggas rebellin'
Ayo, my man in East Orange told me the streets warrin'
Ran the castle, dodge the shells that keep pourin'
Early morning, until the night transformin'
Far from dormant, the freaks come out without warning
The shit sound like the north side, killer county
Home sweet home, but feeling like an out of townie
I don't fuck with snakes, but yo they still around me
Plus the jake carry heat just to grill a brownie
Straight up, shit is real, let the trey-eight buck
Better not tell a soul when you ain't wake up
Cause some boys know the feds better than they know the ledge
Big gates, blow the bread, or some youngin blow they head
Uhh...right off the shoulder
The kids getting older and the world's getting colder
So I dip to So'Cal, lay low and profile
Cause I got ammo that make it go...BLAOW (blaow, blaow)

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