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Yo, I light up the jar under the light of the stars
And write a few bars until the silence dissolves
Contemplatin' if I'm right or I'm wrong
For dedicatin' most my time to holdin' mics in my palm
My dream has been life long
And though the finish line is still outta sight within my plight I fight on
And I ain't singin' no sob stories of sad songs
I stick to tellin' the total truth and that's all
It's ironic when your rap's best thing
And yet somehow your career is still fledglin'
That's my predicament and it's perplexin'
But instead of sweatin' it I just keep progressin'
While waitin' for the stars to align
In a moment in time when it's my moment to shine
But until then I keep my eyes on the prize
And try to survive night-after-night goin' for mine
"In a matter, of a moment lost till the end of time"
(It only takes a moment)
"It's the evening of another day and the end of mine"
(For your life to fly by)
"In a matter, of a moment lost till the end of time"
(It only takes a moment)
"It's the evening of another day and the end of mine"
(Just to find you're outta time)
And every evening at the end of another day
I'm buckin' the system tryin' to figure out another way
And budget what I gotta pay to phone a lifeline
Hope rainy days don't last my whole lifetime (Please!)
That's why the moonlight is mine
When the moon starts to shine a feelin' moves up my spine
Yeah, I stay in tune with the shadows
Lone trooper on the road less traveled
Lone wolf, sole controller, only soldier still in the battle
Only slave on the boat who's really rowin' his paddle
Still I sit in the saddle and dip from the hassles
Others get rattled and just dibble and dabble
I think bigger, connectin' the dots on the big picture
Like identifyin' the 'Big Dipper'
Fueled by haters' comments
And one day I promise that I'll light up the sky like Haley's Comet
I hope the struggle don't murder me
Before I find out how many people heard of V from Jersey to Germany
And yeah, I try to act fine as though all is well
But at times I feel like the snowball in hell
I'm tryin' to find my way, that's why it's all grunt work
Got no time for play, no time for games
So while my time remains I won't wait like a time delay
I say what I mean and mean what I say
Chasin' dreams night-by-night and day-after-day
I met a broad at the titty bar
Called 'Starlight' because her eyes twinkled like little stars
She had a smile that could shine for a million years
I told her I got a trail of a trillion tears
Ask if she could help me make it disappear
And felt no fear, when she said this here, she said

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