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"Some people spend their lives hoping for something to happen
That will change everything. They look for power, or love, or the
Answers to their biggest questions. I think really what they're
Looking for is another chance - some way to lead another life
Where all the mistakes they've made would be erased, and they could
Just start over. Nothing bad has happened yet, and all their
Possibilities are still in front of them." {*shotgun blast*}
"Welcome, to the real world" - Morpheus
Welcome to the real world... where things happen
Real madness, real savages still get to clappin
You feel me captain? Dope boys dealin packages
Stick-up kids practicin, the wait for taxi kids
Where everything is planned out - there's no accidents
Drunk drivers crashin whips, livin life hazardous
And nothin surprises me any more
Young killers strapped up ready for war, you ready it's on
You read for Born? Ask yourself that
The realest in rap, some cats fearin the track
Look they shook, know I'm a crook, be stealin the cash
Full moon, Snowgoon, gutter bar wolfpack
No time to look back, look Jack, the kid never took crap
Catchin jookz fast, yo Rock where the hooks at
Tell 'em why we crooked cats, okay 10 entertainment
Rap on smash get tooken back fast
Welcome to the real world, this ain't no MTV
This is my lifetime, spill it on a MP3
Empty 3, leave you on bended knee
Pretend-to-be MC's, you gon' feel the heat
And PERSONALLY~! I know you faggots wanna murder me
I feel the urgency, tryin to put me under surgery
State of emergency, for the record, y'all don't worry me
Curse God - tell that Devil to come and bury me
Lost one of my mans last week so lately
I've been ridin around in black Jeeps, ready to blast heat
Cut up your body, throw the parts on a trash heap
And laugh about it over hashish, I'm so trashy
You wanna know what Born life about? Come ask me
Show you firsthand, teach you how to clap heat
Shit - maybe I should write me a book
Title the joint "Born in Each Year: The Life of a Crook"
Don't get it twisted dawg; I ain't as nice as I look
Hand skills like {?}, nice with the hooks
Fill the Dutch when forms meditate, get my think on
This winter the don's back, catch me with the mink on
Yeah, {?} Entertainment, Born Unique
Snowgoons! It's love baby, uh-huh, worldwide
"Welcome, to the real world" - Morpheus

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