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Yo it's fucking cold out here. It's the fucking coldest winter ever this year.
I been doing this for years, can't stop me it's my time
Paying dues, shedding tears, a must that I shine
How must did I climb? Enough abused time
My views, my struggle, my stress, my rhyme
I done been through the struggle and stress
Twenty-three years of having nothing
No money, felt the pain inside my chest
Smoking cigarettes, my whole family is slowly dying
So as soon as I get rich me and my bitch is multiplying
Dropping science in my seed, get money don't spread the greed
Built degrees, keep your mind at 360
I bomb quickly on any shadows trying to stop the shine
Best believe if it comes down to it I'll bust a shot for mine
I bust a lot of rhymes and keep the stress off my mind
And keep the hip hop heads flipping tripping, pressing rewind
I'm designed to rip the track up, all haters back up
You get me vexed, you get wrecked with the force of a Mack trucks
I ain't playing, music's my motherfucking life
And to get where I'm trying to go I'm willing to sacrifice
I spent many nights getting twisted glancing the city light
A pity right? Still broke rocking the show with shitty mics
I can't be stopped like Armageddon, Heaven's not where I'm headed
This life is pathetic, create more stress than a headache
On an empty stomach I plummet, put bullets in my brain
Good thing it was a thought but I still feel the pain, still feel the rain
My whole family close [? ], we broke and half my uncles and cousins are hooked on dope
Fuck it, I'm staying out for self until I get the wealth
Until I'm felt, until my album is flying off the shelf
Respect that I earn, collecting rap money to burn
I've been waiting in line for the mic, it's my fucking turn
I can see the light, I smash forth on this crash course
Trying to get out the country but can't afford a passport
My last resort is ripping mics over beats
Or I'm putting your friends and family in danger running the streets
I'm coming with heat and I ain't talking about guns
It's my time to shine, I descended straight from the sun

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Black snow