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Man, you got cats that you know do a lil of this
Got cats that do that, but this is how we do it
Side Effect, Stress, Snowgoons, let's go, yo
They all come and go, I seen it all befo
They tell you what they heard, I'll tell you what I know
Just from my swagga, you can tell I ain't no phony rapper
Watch me tear this bitch down--Knockatomi Plaza
They all come and go, I seen it all befo
The difference is they tell you what they heard, I'll tell you what I know
Just from my swagga, you can tell I ain't no phony rapper
Side Effect and Snowgoons, Knockatomi Plaza
Yeah, I smoked a lil bit back when I was jobless
Popped in a listerine strip and passed the swab test
Pitiful, hypocritical, some say
Strip club on Saturday night, Church on Sunday
Philly murder rate is off the hook, its so nuts
Youngbuls poppin' cops up in the Dunking Donuts
I used to go in there and not expect to see blood
Meagan use to work in there she hooked me with free grub
In my alley I hear people bust their gat off
My street is littered with trash and Lotto scratch-off's
No winners, all losers
I'm even playin', prayin', for the day that I can go and call up the movers
Yo, my cousin got caught, hustlin' by the FEDS
It's a different 'tween quittin' and quittin' while you ahead
New Jacks tryin' to do the same things
Nino done Philly the City of Gangstaz
Just wait till the Casino's come

Yo, I'm from Philly, the City that's so gritty and raw
Where before we say our name we always say the word "bul"
This the bul Side Effect, sharp as a knife always stickin' out
With over 30 years of real life shit to spit about
Whole truth and nothin' but the truth, you can't deny me
Even if you neva met me you would still recognize me
Cuz I'm so real, emotional rap that you can feel
I hug the mic the same way B.B. King hugged Lucille
Bare wit me, I'mma work in progress
None the less I got my knee up ya neck and I won't let up the pressure
Cuz soon you gon' realize, you need me, no avoidin'
Cuz the cure for the snake bite is made from the poison
Spit venom over tight loops and terrorize it
That'll make you turn ya mic booth into a prayer closet
Realize I'mma marketing genius wit this rap shit
I sell the same products I just know how to re-package it
Ayo my name rang Liberty bells in every hood
From Philly I write street literature like Teri Woods
This is Terrence Wood, no relation
Watch the company I keep cuz of association
Brings on participation
Rhymes I spit receive full paid scholarships
To the most prestigious Black Universities
Majoring in Mic Circuitry and Emcee Surgery
Heard of me being taken out verbally that's absurdity
Seth Brundle flow, always on that fly shit
Me and mics we like dogs and fire hydrants
Attractions un-avoidable; it's definitely a sight to see
I've met a lot of mean rappers none of them is nice as me
I will sign you, neva release you
Bind you to a contract, make you regret you eva tried to...
Rhyme in the first place, you bore us
Your wack ass verses are just devices used to space out your chorus

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