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Whether jewels and cars or broke by the bars
Y'all keep hatin, hatin, hatin
I love when you hate
When you hate you hate on me for
My grind, the streets new [? ] dope beats
Y'all still keep hatin, hatin, hatin
I love when you hate
When you hate you hate on me for
Being rap's juggernaut run the block like a marathon
Welcome to my octagon, let's get the battle on
And the mic like a [? ] I perform
It's magic, the crew brought the twos like Inspector Gadget
Any miscellaneous maggot that want static
Cause their women attracted like magnets
Hate penetrate the physical like a virus
I'm sold out tickets like Miley Cyrus
Better keep an eye on us, adjust your ops
Cause the third mind shine my design Cyclops
Just recline and watch and see the most amazing
Stop sweating, I don't need the perspiration
Motivation, elevation to the third rail
I'm a livewire, I prevail
Back biting and [? ] writing in store
Only make me love it more, I know what you hating for
I don't even read the blogs, I receive applause
Overseas on tours dope MC's and whores oversee the cause
To hate on what they hear, they don't want the fear
Innovating made em [? ] when they hear you played up on the air
My words are facts, my verse distracts
Like bursting Techs, flows tight like virgin sex
Envy becomes hate, the friendly become fakes
[? ] the envy of many, the semi dumps dumb weight
Some say [? ] is pain, avoid the rain
My voice remain annoyed the same
Destroy my name
Not happening, the half trash laughing and
Half gas napping when I rap past half of them
Hate cause they hate themselves
Fake to escape themselves
Fake just to make the wealth
Break when they play the house
And Dot and Krumb often will murk MC's
Snowgoons, EMS, Boston to Germany

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The Trojan Horse

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