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Been Fighting Devilz - Text

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Been fighting devils
For my people in ghettos,
The dust don't settle
For my peeps in the streets, the beef don't cease
For my friends in the pen, your life don't end
Cause the beast inside ain't ready to die

Doing dirt in the grinds now
I'm working for mine
Certain to shine, the streets had a perfect desire
And I believe it's what it made me to be
Revolutionary slave to my hated beliefs
I was raised in the street, got hate for police
Born in the ghetto, crack stay peddled on concrete
Where the bullshit's abbreviated, move and you lose
And your crew gets eliminated, it's complicated
To the death and [? ]
Keep your eyes open for the devils and demons
? when I speak, bringing Heaven through your speakers
Travel through your tweeters to the ghetto I might teach you
Credible believer until it's settled I might see you
Better make em flee ah, better make em bleed what
Begging for a piece of pie in the grind
I keep [? ] factory line
This is for my people living in hard times
Street dreams, in
The slum where the beast feeds
Where the struggle resides where hustlers and fiends meet
Just trying to get by, burning on green leafs
I gotta get mine, no one else gonna feed me
Survival etched in the genes of my species
Stand on my own two, no one said it'd be easy
Just keep it moving, feet where the streets be
Better be easy, put your teeth to the streets, b
Cannibal tooth die for the loot
Wild animal escaped from the zoo
They call me elephant boots out on the loose
No surrender or truce
Torture what the New World Order lies in the news
Propaganda catching minds in a snooze
Take a walk in my shoes, it's hard to dudes
Too many sips of the brew, sick spit off the booze
So hold up man, watch how you move
I done see it all, a
Legend in my own right
You fight for the right of respect when you step in my light
Always stay ducking the devils to the death to the birth
We destined to burst from underground soul in the dirt
Straight to the top we headed leaving devils beheaded
On the world that's filled with controversy, thoughts are embedded
Of violent action, racism, you see it on the news
And listen brainwashing the masses through subliminal television
It's sick, that's why I say the government can eat a dick
They don't help me the slightest bit when I need it
So fuck em, I live my own life, I blaze my own trail
Do a little dirt, get locked up, I pay my own bail
Circle of trust, knowledge born crime and lust
Survivals of the struggle, march through Hell puffing blunts
Dodging pitchforks, at war on the darkest levels
Cause me and my family here, we've been fighting devils

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