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Avalanche Warning - Text

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What up Pace?
Whats the deal Det?
Snowgoons what's up?
Nervous Wreck I see you
Still Black Snow
Pace Won
You can't stand up
This the grill what up
Get em Pace
Lets get 'em in
Girls are like little boys, I'm Micheal Jackson I touch em
Guns are like flat tires to me I fricken' bust 'em
I spit all that sick stuff to which your not accustomed
Like bein' on beats is like R Kelly's on percussion
Killin' these tracks is like OJ on production
And I thank Lauren and Cleff for my introduction
To the same rap industry that secretly humbled me
Sittin by the freaken' man keepin' her company
It's like, hip hop is George Bush now
The irony of it all is holding me down
It's pays the rent pays the food
Pays the cable and lights
Keep me stable and tight, able to fight
For my rights like the Beastie boys I'm not greasy
Tryin' to be 3 DT's on GP tryin' to freak these little girls
I'm creepy but I ain't that creepy I got one I'm easy
Pass the flashlight it's gonna be one of those black nights
We steppin' on toes to give 'em some of the act right
Snow schools comin' avalanche warning pullin' the plug
You won't make it to the morning
You know them goons is here when the snow turns black
You hear the echoes of the strings start haunting the track
New jacks jump back like they war on the tat
I connect like my forearms attached to an axe
You ain't gotta ask if that dudes bad ass
Any sumo gon' get abused and thrashed
You confused? oh that's jus' the booze n hash
That's how I move it's my fuel my gas (sniff)
Fuck two puffs and pass I'll take an ill to the face
All that bullshit life crashed a party wit pace
Full clip have you full fit all tense on your safe
I'm too loose lipped _ scared of what I might say but hey...
That dude don't change I'm on the autobond wrong side switchin lanes
When I step into the booth to pitch them flames
I gotta send the snowgoons my wings to the cage
Pass the flashlight it's gonna be one of those black nights
We steppin on toes to give em some of the act right
A snow schools comin' avalanche warning pullin' the plug
You won't make it to the morning
Half of these cats are tough like pac can't walk that walk
Runnin' when they hear me comin' down from like half a block
I'll make these bastards break up faster than the Chicken Pox
Got em screaming like I'm in holocaust scream for the cops
Gotta get these riches like two stepping
From my fingers drinking inches
I hate all these snitches producers act like bitches
When they know they owe me that doe and I'm twice as hungry
Get between me and the bread and I'll eat you alive like lunchmeat
Thinking that they can fuck me think not your not that lucky
Know that they felt it without a helmet when I'm rougher than rugby
Split 'em into sections do intersections dissect them
I'm Nervous Wreck and I'm the reason that they carry protection
You know a lot a dick heads around here they got that penis envy
Forgive my enemies sometimes you gotta take out a friendly
Stompin' a thousand deep like a centipede for centuries
Here's my legacy
You get a diss counter then mention me
Nervous Wreck
Black Snow

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Black snow