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The Great Ice Wars - Text

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Winds have warned the villagers
in the silent smokes they breathe
Shadows of their nemesis abounding in the trees
Eyes enslaved and treacherous,
Forgotten and forlorn
South winds bind and blow us through
The ravaged steppes they've torn
Northern tribes have lost their lives and galleys rock the sea
Pirates of the serpent head amassing to be free
Wolves flanked in legions on the ground
Carrying their noble to the ceremonies sound
Enter the village on black steeds
Though vagrant swamps amphibians we challenge in the reeds
Swords cross in mud-caked huts around
Lizard lords in battle dress alerted by their hounds
Archers erupt behind the bogs
Arrow sunken in my chest, my tribe has left me for the dogs
The snow-it falls in silent suffocation sounds
The avalanche has slowly packed my limbs into the ground
I'm alive-but all my body's buried in the earth
Trapped inside this ice-cocoon I'm waiting for re-birth
A Silent ritual between the weeds
Unearthly steppes bind bloody steeds
Vexed pythons shroud the sunburned dead
Dreams in the ice coffin frolic in scattered massacre
Each vein and vessel of the frozen network
Slowly weaving the path to purgatory
Woke up in the sicled canyon
Bleach-white bounty hunters' land
Frozen android cracks the ice and puts a blaster in my hands
I have slept a thousand years beneath the glaciers of the earth
Prism lords of these new ages sanctify and bless my birth
Now a pawn in the Great Ice Wars
Just a relic of the past
Huskies run the bobsleds
Burning victims of my fatal blast
Mutant eyes of crystal warriors staring back at me so cold
Fighting 'till the end of time they'll never stop my timeless soul

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