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The bloodied eyes, of man believed the lies
I've foreseen, the world to bleed
Your fucking dreams,
are all you've got
Not what they seem,
this world is ready to die
You realize the book is a lie
They've led you astray
And now you know your life has wasted away
You followed your own god to be labelled by
Your good deeds, you never asked questions why
Punished by, religion, it's every word you heed to
How can you live with this lie
Cutting your own throat, infected lies
Poison fed, now you understand why
Why the chimes are out, out of breath
Plead your final act, sentenced death
Welcome to the end, this is it
Say your prayers
Take the judging sand
And we'll sift, through all your years
Watching as your life
Flashes past, your eyes of fear
Now you've reached the end
Your begotten dreams
Are not there, you followed so easily
Tales are to mend
But realisty's overcome
The second coming arrives
The book is a LIE!!!

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