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Given Up For Lost - Text

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Out of silence, out of plight
Tarred and feathered, out of sight
Here we come to name the nameless
From the ashes, out of dust
Disrespected, without trust
Here we come to brave the madness
So here we are
We'll be bound forever
Scar after scar
We won't give in, never!
Come as you are
You're the one and only
No more... convicted wrongly
Voice of thunder roaring
Bells of heaven tolling
Calling up those given up for lost
A thousand eagles flying
Fearless, petrifying
Heading for the distant fairy coasts
Once a promise, now a deed
Wicked voices we won't heed
We are all here for a reason
Countdown runs, golden age
Escaping from the prison cage
We are flying past this sea

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