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So Early in the Morning - Text

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The mate was drunk and he went below to take a swig at his bottle o
So early in the morning the sailor likes his bottle o
The bottle o, the bottle o, the sailor loves his bottle o
A bottle of rum, a bottle o gin, a bottle of irish whiskey o
The baccy o, tabaccy o, the sailor loves his baccy o
A packet o shag, a packet o cut a plug of hard terbaccy o
The lassies o, the maidens o, the sailor loves the judies o
A lass from the 'pool, a girl from the Tyne, a chowlah so fine and dandy o
A bully rough house, a bully rough house, the sailor likes his rough house o
Tread on me coat and all hands in, a bully good rough- and tumble o
A sing song o, a sing song o, the sailor likes a sing song o
A drinking song, a song o love, a ditty of seas and shipmates o

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