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Look out liars and you highlife scum
who gotta keep your victims poor and dumb--
Your motives and your methods are not disguised
by your silk, soap, sex, or your smiling lies.
Look out here
you pompous jerk
Look out here
I go berserk
Well I guess you put me in my place
but I won't forget your stupid face
They gave you power cuz they knew your needs--
soprano boys get talent when you shoot your seeds.
Well you laugh to hear what your best friends say--
Old man they laugh when you walk away.
Look out chief
ridiculous creep
Look out thief
you'll lose your teeth
Well you got power, now there's competition
and your blind side's turned to the boys with a mission.
You were sixty-five when you wiggled out--
your mind all twisted and your mom all shout.
I'm a man with his share of excess nice
but it can't be spared for drooling lice.
Look out jerk
you ancient slut
I can't endure
Your smirking smut
Well life is short so don't even try
to bother waving as we pass you by.

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