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The leaves turn yellow
Turn brown and red
I can’t turn back the time
Too many lies have been said
Empty promises of life
Died one by one
And no one seems to care
That our future is gone
And while I fail
And while I fall
Into the deep hole
I hear your call
United we stand
While we grow old
I want to hold you in my arms
But your feelings grow cold
I must let go
Before you turn to stone
And your frozen heart
Drags us into the unknown
And while we fail
And while we fall
Into the deep hole
We hear your call
While the frontline scattered
Another hope was born
Lest we forget
There is no life without a thorn
In the light of a new day
Ceases the noise of yesterday’s lore
And a new strong wave
Is on the way to the shore
And it never fails
And it never falls
Into the deep hole
We wish we hear our call

Text eingefügt von Moonlight

Video eingefügt von DevilDan


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