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I’m just a honky peck little piggy-boy
Little boys in blue, they got a job to do
In a uniform, they tell you what to do
They help old ladies across the street
Direct the traffic on the street
It’s a job just like yours and mine
But you’re always working overtime
You can enjoy it anytime
Just as long as you toll the line
And your hut is six feet tall
And you look so fucking futile
And when they’re walking on the beef
I’d like to know just what they all think
There’s a sod in down the cold
Come on, let’s go and give him a hold
We’ll take him down to the leading yard
We’ll find out if he’s fucking wrong
Special portal, license to kill
Little town, they’ll beat you well
They don’t care who they blame
All they bother’s who they name
I just been caught by that little piggy
Little boys in blue
Little boys in blue
Little boys in blue
Little boys in blue

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