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Big Brat - Text

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It was all his fault,
Introduced me to knowitall
And the cannibal
Oh, well...
By the time they started showing up,
I ran the risk of blowing up
These times, these times get tough
So if i stay we're going to see who's had enough
By the time i needed backing up,
Ya he was watching, cracking up
This time, this time it's tough
Well here I am and now and I think I've had enough
Stand back
Take that and that and that
You're always up to no good
Ya you're always up to no good
Well I was trapped in from all sides
Caught in a slew of massive lies
No, there is no escape, only flailing arms and bellyaches
When it all started coming down, tonight, or did you run and hide?
Well I guess that we all make mistakes, I guess I forgave you didn't I?
Stand back
You're such a big brat
Ya you're always up to no good
Ya you're always up to no good

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