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Undertaker, undertaker, who you burying today?
What little soul done left us looking for some better place?
When they laid them in the ground what's the last thing they did say?
Not exactly spoken but just whispered across the grave.
Was it a cry of broken sorrow?
A sigh of great relief?
Just the sound that fatal weapon made
When pushed back in its sheath?
Undertaker, undertaker, who you burying today?
What name upon that tombstone has you shaking in this way?
Esmeralda Timpanium, she was a jewel of this old town
Her smile could stop a thunderstorm for several miles around
Undertaker, undertaker (???) for humble men,
But I heard she had a cheating heart and that heart had got her killed
She was married to the governor's son as rich as he was mean
And though the bells toll out for her today he's nowhere to be seen.
Undertaker, undertaker, what was that pretty girl's name?
One I saw you with just weeks ago, she was sweet as sugar cane
You were sticking to the shadows as you weaved across the square
Stealing kisses away from streetlamps, her face hidden in her hair
Undertaker, undertaker, just how do you suspect
A pretty girl like Esmeralda should end in such distress
Her husband was a jealous man who took to drunken rage
The whole town knew to turn around when he would walk their way
I heard he saw her lover's note written on a hymnal page
Found out that she had gone to church for more than just to pray
And as she bled to death he swore he'd have revenge
When she took with her her lover's name when from this world she went.
Undertaker, undertaker, who you carrying them flowers for?
Are they for that pretty girl that I will see you with no more?
Whatever happened? Did you hold her hand too tight?
Sit a bit too close in that cool, dark summer night?
I guess you're just too busy putting bones down in the ground
To let yourself get caught out there dancing around
With pretty girls on moonlit nights who never say their name
Who disappear with fever lies when the hour gets too late.
Undertaker, undertaker, nobody thinks it's right
(Her) husband was caught that very night still carrying the knife
But the constable and counsel absolved him of all guilt
Right there in the courthouse that his father's money built
Undertaker, undertaker, think we'll ever know the man
(Who) set Esmeralda's heart so free and proved to be her end?
Undertaker, undertaker, who harbors the most blame:
One who killed the keeper or the one that lured her away?
Spirits don't tend to slumber gently when tucked in before their time
There's no ghost of love that's more haunting more than one born in violent crime
Maybe she'll be back someday. She'll point and she will stare.
Disappearing in the shadows as she weaves across the square.
Disappearing in the shadows...
Disappearing in the shadows...
Disappearing in the shadows as she weaves across the square...

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