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Wishful Thinker - Text

I've got magic in my voice
and wheels on my breath
I've got age on my face
and rhytm in my bed
And I don't think I don't note
what has been said
when you're seen with a man like me
Now I don't know girl,
what happened to you
but when I look into those eyes
I can't find the truth
what I see is a sad waste
of beauty and youth
Or am I a wishful thinker?
I never meant,
I never meant you harm, no
Not sure how it ends,
but it started with a kiss
then it rolls and pulls
into something like a bliss.
And your soft sleeping warmth
cures my harsch emptiness
Or was I an opportunist?
I never meant,
I never meant you harm
Now there's something, girl
i need you to know
there will soon come a time
when I will have to let go
And when we're with others
we can't let it show
Oh come all you wishful thinkers
I never meant,
I never meant you harm

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