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Heaven is a woman
Dressed in blue
And heaven is knowing
Someone who is in love with you
Heaven is a television
Left on all day
And heaven is making love
And then running away
Heaven is
Heaven is
Heaven is believing
What your eyes don’t see
And heaven is christy canyon
Falling in love with me
Heaven in waking up
To be a millionaire
And heaven is spending the whole next day
Just walking on air
Heaven is
Heaven is
Heaven is
Heaven is
All these things you say and do
It doesn’t mean that much to you
But all these things you said to me
The memories won’t set me free
Heaven is a dream
When it won’t come true
And heaven is the sky
When it’s always blue
Heaven is the girl
With short black hair
And heaven is a woman
With enough to spare
Heaven is
Heaven is
Heaven is
Heaven is
And heaven is taking a holiday
and heaven is having you here to stay
and heaven is never ever saying sorry
and heaven is as easy as ABC
and heaven is youreyes wen they´re always blue
and heavenis just right here with you
heaven is
heaven is
heaven is

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