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Why make it matter?
Endlessly plain when it moves closer
Here it contains all of my hunger, all what I wish for
Lengthy in nature or nature to me?
A total failure to be
It won't compare
A lack of content to see
Falsely partake
Remedies lie hidden from thought
All important:
Secret of the famish is sought
Ceaseless echo
It can be (Can it get) better given time?
I can find (There are no) answers, left behind
Willing to (No sense to) suffer for this crime
Anywhere (Everywhere) else where it's denied
I listen too, as water's draining out
I'm caught up in the thought, in the dream
Exposing myself to judgment
The coldest chill through me carries illness and frailty
Plan or hazard?
Left to chance, my own whim
I cannot bear
I wish for meaning purpose
Yet what is there?
None is given
Clinging to fate, starved to abate, nothing to desecrate
I have gods to create
My failure's my own
No one to blame
Pallid and spineless and try to behave
All of my hunger
All what I wish for will never happen
Because I'm unbound
I shy away from the face of Medusa
No fiend shall overwhelm me
Albeit of the ones
I have shirked before
None moved ever more insidiously
Each iris, a gaping wound
Windowpanes to a worthless truth
Persuasive words in mordant timbre
As perverting as calming
Still I yearn to lose
Gather in the sheen of reason
But I will not see
I refuse to look
All is calm
Soothing breeze
Your lies comfort me
My false destiny
Closing my eyes
Keep me blind to the truth
Show me purpose
Life is worthless
Always present, the herbal green
The absinthe blindfolds embracing me
I stab and bleed my presence free
I stab and bleed my presence free
Remaining numb to her gluttony
To master death is to silence life
I stab and bleed my presence free
I stab and bleed my presence free

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Medusa Truth, Part 1

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