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Don't Belong in Hollywood - Text

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[Verse 1]
Hello, my beautiful friend
Did you get the money that your mother sent?
Your pictures don't make sense
Are you happy or do you just pretend?
You live in a town made by movie stars and educated hearts
Might sound like Amy Winehouse singing in your car
Do you wanna play that part?
Wear a dress your record label bought you
Fall in love with some Californian boy
Fool me you think you could
You don't belong in Hollywood, no no
[Verse 2]
Hey kids, look at my face
I'm sick and tired of being somebody that you hate
Gee whiz, pack all my bags
I'll buy a first class seat direct to LAX
No boy, I'll be an music star
I'll buy a Jaguar
And every joke I tell the audience will laugh
Beverley boulevard
One day we'll be standing there face to face
But you won't see the tears beneath my pride I chase
Fool you all I thought I could
I don't belong in Hollywood, no no
[Verse 3]
Say what you wanna say
How people change and there's no point reminiscing
It's three AM and I'm still awake
I keep thinking babe, my phone's vibrating
Fool me did you think you could
Come back to America
I should've loved you when I could
Oh, we're hopelessly misunderstood
We don't belong in Hollywood
No, we don't belong in Hollywood, no no

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