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Riders of the Apocalypse - Text

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God's wrath
Let them descent from heaven
The harbinger of hell
They're called
Flaming swords in their hands
A massacre of flesh and blood
The riders serve god's hatred
Humanity has lost the game
The wings of death sharpen
Days of retribution
Of indescribable cruelty
Hunger is the beginning
The priests have failed
War and pestilence annihilate all
Plagues of hate and suffering
Death spreads his wings
The snare is getting tighter
The riders f apocalypse
Will finish their work
In the name of thei lord
For their commander of legions
They bring destruction and death
The angels of apocalypse
In their greedfor blood and power
The realmof heaven becomes hell
Four shadows blacken the sky
And herald cruelty and destruction
Hunger is the beginning
War brings the destruction
Pestilence the pain and agony
Death is the salvation
The wrath of god is cruel
Together with satan he rules
The crown of evil arises
Pale in the darkness of the night

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